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Commercial Solar Power

Solar Power can be a fantastic financial investment for your business as the cost of electricity continues to rise sharply. Among the renewable energy sources, solar energy is a sustainable choice. Many companies are now tapping into this alternative source of energy aimed at leveraging its numerous benefits. We have an extensive range of experience in installing solar systems for our clients.

Government subsidies and the falling solar equipment costs mean the utilization of solar power is a sound investment and a sound financial decision for public agencies and businesses. Investing in solar energy generates both long-term savings and fast payback. Our solar energy systems are catered to businesses like yourself and have helped them save thousands in electricity bills.

Benefits Commercial Solar Power

1. Maintenance-Free and Reliable

Once installed, a solar power system will require minimal maintenance. The system will provide clean electricity for 25 to 40 years.

2. Reduced Operating Costs

Solar power systems will reduce or even eliminate your office buildings / Commercial establishments power bill.

3. Commitment to the Environment

Utilizing electricity from solar power will result in reduced consumption of fuels, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

Why To Choose Sunpac Solar

  • We offer a large variety of solar panel systems to suits the needs of your home or office, with solutions dependent on your roof dimensions, energy requirements, and budget.
  • Sunpac Solar is a Australian owned and operated company. We focus on renewable energy utilities that improve the environment and enhance the community.
  • All of our products has a solid manufacturer’s warranty. We offer an industry leading 10-year warranty on all of our workmanship.
  • Sunpac Solar offers state of the art solar panels, inverters, and mountings. All of our products meet Australian standards set by the Clean Energy Council (CEC).
  • Sunpac Solar has a growing presence across the country, with our comprehensive installation network being one of the fastest growing in Australia.
  • Our highly experienced, skillful, and friendly team guide you through our sales, installation, and customer support procedures.
Best Solar Power Services In Australia

If you are able to find a lower price in the market for identical items, we will be more than happy to beat that quote.

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