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Our commitment to both Australia and the world’s future lead us in creating the Australia’s leading retailer company SUNPAC SOLAR. Our goal is to provide homes right across this country with a renewable energy solution & quality solar energy systems. We are proud to say we save our valued customers money in energy bills while working towards a cleaner environment. We have 15 years of experience. We have in-house team of electricians. We also provide workmanship warranty. We offer a large variety of solar panel systems to suits the needs of your home or office, with solutions depending upon your roof dimensions, energy requirements, and budget. Sunpac Solar has a growing presence across the country, with our comprehensive installation network being one of the fastest growing company in Australia. Our highly experienced, skillful, and friendly team guide you through our sales, installation, and customer support procedures.

We are an integrated, end-to-end Solar Energy installation, integration and services company based in Australia. Sunpac Solar has been established with the goal to provide clean, renewable solar energy solutions customized to each individual customer needs at the most affordable pricing. We offer the Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning of Solar Power plant. We at Sunpac Solar assure you the most competitive price with superior quality products and post installation services.

Installation 100%
Customer Service 100%
Quality Products 100%
Overall Satisfaction 100%
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